Academic Council

The Academic Council deals with academic matters, as laid out in the College Act and keeps the content of programs in the realm of the content experts - faculty, administrative and support staff.

There are 15 members on the Council, representing different areas of the College. The members are as follows:


Kathryn Aitken, Instructor/Coordinator, Bachelor of Science, School of Science

Deborah Bartlette, Vice President, Academic and Student Services

Victoria Castillo, Chair, School of Liberal Arts

Margaret Dumkee, Dean, Applied Science and Management Division

Gerald Haase, Instructor, School of Science

Jennifer Moorlag, Registrar

Philip Mullin, Instructor, School of Management, Tourism & Hospitality

Ernie Prokopchuk, Instructor, School of Science

Andrew Richardson, Dean, Applied Arts Division

Vacant, Student Representative

Clint Sawicki, Acting Vice-President, Research Director (admin)

Shawkat Shareef, Instructor, School of Liberal Arts

Tosh Southwick, Director, First Nation Initiatives & Academic and Skill Development

Charles Stuart, Instructor/Coordinator, Northern Justice and Criminology, School of Liberal Arts

Hillarie Zimmermann, Instructor, School of Liberal Arts

Alternate Members

Jonathan Baynes, Director, ITLC (admin)

Kathleen Campbell, Counsellor, Office of the Registrar

Julie Hawkins, Instructor, School of Academic and Skill Development

Brent Langbakk, Instructor, School of Liberal Arts

Shelagh Rowles, Executive Director, CNIM


The Academic Council determines and regulates the College’s policies with regards to:

  • admissions and registrations;
  • terminations and withdrawals;
  • transfer credit, advanced credit and prior learning assessment and recognition;
  • curriculum content for courses;
  • student academic conduct and student appeals on academic matters;
  • requirements for graduation; and
  • awards recognizing academic excellence.

For specific details on the parameters and selection of Council members, see the College Act.