Building Hours

Ayamdigut Campus is open:

  • Monday to Friday, 7:00 am to 11:00 pm
  • Saturday, Sunday and Statutory Holidays, 7:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • December 25 - January 1 (inclusive) CLOSED (limited access for staff)

Facility Rentals

Internal Users All Yukon College employees should use the Virtual Event Management System (vEMS) to check on the availability of rooms, and to book one-off spaces at the college for meetings, gatherings, or celebrations that need a room booked for a small number of times.  Please note that users must have a Yukon College username and password in order to use this booking system.

Using Yukon College Facilities Yukon College invites you to consider the use of the Ayamdigut Campus facilities in Whitehorse when planning your special event or conference. Depending on your requirements, we can generally accommodate smaller events up to 100 persons at any time through the year. However, the best time for larger events is the period between the last week of April to the end of August, or the College’s reading week.

Available Space The College is open year round. We have a large gymnasium for trade shows, exhibitions, plenary sessions or formal dinners. Our classrooms vary from smaller 12 seat classrooms, various "flexible space" places, to the 80 seat lecture hall. Our computer labs are equipped with current technology.

To book space for your event, contact the facility coordinators. t. 867.668.8889  toll free: 1.800.661.0504  or roombooking@yukoncollege.yk.ca

Additional Services In addition our cafeteria is able to cater your event during the school year. The cafeteria dining area is a large, naturally lit space, with seating for up to 299 persons. Our bookstore carries convenience items as well as a collection of Yukon College souvenirs to mark your northern experience. Yukon College student residences are sometimes available during the May to August period for use by event participants. The Ayamdigut Campus is located on a scenic hill top and is surrounded on three sides by forest with a system of hiking trails. The site is serviced by the City transit system and is considered accessible for people with handicaps.

FACILITIES RENTALS Prices are subject to change without notice. GST, audiovisual equipment, set up costs, etc. are extra.

Classroom Up to 32 seats $15/hour; $60/day; no damage deposit
Classroom 33-50 seats $19/hour; $95/day; no damage deposit
Lecture Hall   $30/hour; $150/day; $200 damage deposit
C1440 (Glass Class) and Boardroom   $30/hour; $150/day; $200 damage deposit
Lounge or Common Area   $55/hour; $275/day; $200 damage deposit
Gym - non-sports events   $240/hour; $1,200/day; $2,000 damage deposit
Gym - weight room not exclusive $10/hour; damage deposit to be determined
Gym - sports events non profit $28/hour; $140/day; damage deposit to be determined
Cafeteria (no kitchen)   $80/hour; $400/day; $500 damage deposit; $100 clean-up fee
Language and Food labs   $30/hour; $150/day; $500 damage deposit
Nursing lab no equipment $30/hour; $150/day; $500 damage deposit
Science labs and Trades shops Insurance required, consumables charge $30/hour; $150/day; $500 damage deposit; $50 equipment rental

Rates for computer labs and other areas upon request.

Yukon College Gym The gym is available for rent on a 24-hour clock. For example, you may book it at 3 pm on a Saturday to set up for a function, and the rental period would extend until 3 pm Sunday. This gives a presenter plenty of time for tear down and clean up. The capacity for the gym depends on the use. There is seating for 294 in the bleachers and 1284 standing. The dining capacity is 802. With liquor served, the legal capacity is 713. If required, there are also 9 coat racks that may be rented at $25/unit. There is no medical/first aid kit available for outside users. It is recommended that clients supply their own kit.

Liquor Liquor may be consumed on campus if the event holds a valid liquor permit and is approved by the College. Liquor permits are room specific. Arrangements can be made with the Facilities Co-ordinator upon booking the facility. Events require a qualified bartender and bonded security guards and proof of $2 million liability insurance.

Audiovisual Equipment Available Equipment: Available from Library

  • Wood Lectern - $5/day
  • Laser Pointer - $5/day
  • Mike Stand - $5/day
  • Tape Recorder - $10/day
  • Microphones - $10/day
  • Flip Chart and paper - $15/day
  • 16MM Projector - $15/day
  • Overhead - $15/day
  • Screen - $15/day
  • Opaque Projector - $15/day
  • CD Player - $15/day
  • Full Lectern - $15/day
  • VCR - $20/day
  • Slide Projector - $20/day
  • TV - $20/day
  • Mobile PA System (with 1 mike & stand) - $20/day
  • TV Monitor - $20/day
  • Video Camera and Tripod - $30/day
  • Miked Lectern (both types) - $30/day
  • Conference Phone - $30/day
  • Smart Board - $30/day
  • TV/VCR set - $35/day
  • VCR Projector & VCR - $75/day
  • Computer Projector - $75/day
  • Satellite Dish/Receiver - $75/day


Additional Equipment Yukon College has easels, rectangular tables, and stanchions plus other equipment you may find useful at your event. For rental fees for these items please contact the Facilities Coordinator at 867-668-8889. Prices for any of the above items are subject to change without notice.