Alexandre Mischler
Alexandre Mischler

Alexandre Mischler

Renewable Resources Management

Alexandre Mischler arrived in Yukon from France in 2012 and fell in love with the breathtaking landscape and natural wilderness. Seeking a career-change away from finance and business planning, Alexandre enrolled in the Renewable Resources Management diploma program at Yukon College.

“Yukon College was a natural choice—I feel at home here. I appreciate the welcoming atmosphere and enjoy the small classes and close rapport with instructors,” said Alex.

The College supported his application to the Juneau Icefield Research Program, enabling him to take part in ground breaking glacier research into the impacts of climate change alongside students and scientists from around the world.

While a student, Alex also secured employment as a research assistant with the Yukon Research Centre conducting field activities on the Llewellyn Glacier and working on the hydrology of the upper Yukon River region, as well as researching vegetation management.

Since graduating, the 33-year-old has worked as a water resources technician with a local environmental company and is seeking further opportunities in this field.

“I really enjoy working with water.”