Jared Gonet
Jared Gonet

Jared Gonet

Northern Environmental and Conservation Sciences

Jared Gonet has long been interested in the natural environment, landscape conservation and how the eco-system functions. He transferred to Yukon College to enter the Bachelor of Science in Northern Environmental and Conservation Sciences, offered in partnership with the University of Alberta.

“The small class sizes offer more one-on-one time with professors. Plus there are a lot of work and research opportunities here,” said the 31-year-old.

Alongside classes and coursework Jared worked on an ethno-ornithology research project with two professors, gathering Indigenous beliefs and bird names from across Yukon and Alaska from existing sources. This complimented work he tackled for the Canadian Wildlife Service compiling data from interviews on Indigenous bird knowledge for a report.

I was amazed at the vast scope of knowledge that exists across the different Indigenous communities and languages. I was also pleased to find work relevant to my studies.”

Next up for Jared is a Master of Renewable Resources program through the University of Alberta, while basing himself at the Yukon Research Centre. He recommends the BSc. to anyone interested in pursuing an environmental career.

“It is positive to be from Yukon and be able to pursue an education here. The professors in this program are amazing—both Dr. Katie Aitken and Dr. Fiona Schmiegelow are passionate about their work and bring a wealth of experience to the classroom.”