Fee Information

Payment of Fees
Fees for all programs and courses must be paid at the time of course registration. Students who are funded must submit a completed Third Party Billing Authorization to the Admissions Office.

International students pay International student fees.

Books and Supplies
Textbooks are available from the Yukon College Bookstore throughout the academic year. While most training tools are provided, students in some programs may be required to purchase special tools or clothing.

With the exception of program-specific ancillary fees (e.g., activity and lab fees), application and tuition fees for credit courses are waived for those aged 65 and over. For cost-recovery courses (generally under School of Continuing Education), tuition payment is required.

Students may officially withdraw from a course or program without academic penalty until one half of the course contact hours have been completed. Specific withdrawal dates vary and students should become familiar with the withdrawal dates of their program.

A student must submit either an official withdrawal form obtained from the Registrar’s Office, or a dated letter clearly outlining the course name, number and section, and signed by the student. Late withdrawals will be considered by the Registrar in the event that extenuating circumstances prevent the student from notifying the College prior to the last day to withdraw. A grade of “W” will be assigned when a student officially withdraws from a course.

Failure to comply with the proper withdrawal procedures may result in a grade being assigned based on the work completed to the date of withdrawal or a failing grade (F) and ineligibility for any refund of tuition fees. Withdrawals will not be accepted without the student’s signature.

A student may be dismissed from a course or program for academic misconduct, academic deficiency or for unsatisfactory attendance. A final grade will be assigned based on the work completed to the date of dismissal. Dismissals are subject to appeal and students must be informed, in writing, of their right to appeal such a decision at the time of dismissal.

Refund of Tuition Fees
Students who withdraw from a course or program may be eligible for a full or partial refund of tuition fees in accordance with the refund policy below.  Students dismissed from the College may forfeit the fee. Contact the Admissions Office for more information.

The $250 deposit for high demand programs is non-refundable.

Refund Policy
Credit Courses and Full-time Programs
Withdrawal prior to course start date:
Full refund

Withdrawal by the end of the first full week of classes:
Full refund

Within the second week of classes:
Refund 80% of tuition fees

Within the third  week of classes:
Refund 50% of tuition fees

After the third week of classes
No refund

Refunds are not immediate. Refund cheques are mailed within 10 days of official withdrawal.

Refunds are issued directly to the student, unless a student is funded. In that case, the funder will be refunded.

Any debts owed to the College will be deducted from the amount to be refunded.

Exceptions to this policy may be made for compassionate reasons.

If the College cancels a course or program, fees will be refunded in full.

Students MUST follow the proper withdrawal procedure in order to be eligible for a refund.

The date of official withdrawal is the date used for the refund calculation, not the date on which the student discontinues classes.

The application fees is non-refundable.