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Distance Learning Courses

Distance Learning courses are offered by Yukon College in two formats: web-conferencing and online. Both web-conferencing and online options allow students to take courses from home or other off-campus locations. Students taking a fully online course do not need to attend a class on campus. Students taking a course using web-conferencing can attend the course live at any YC campus, or can attend by distance from home or another off-campus location.

Web-conferencing allows students to attend a live class via the internet using web-conferencing technology. Web-conferencing courses have set days and times when students must attend, just as with courses held on campus. In some cases, distance students using web-conferencing will actually be joining on-campus students who are attending live in a classroom.

Online courses are courses offered via the internet using a Learning Management System (LMS). Online courses are not held in classrooms and there are no live classes. All course work, and communication with the Instructor and other students, is done entirely online.

Online courses require that students have access to a computer and internet. Students attending web-conferencing courses off-campus (from home, for example) will also need a computer and internet access but may need additional equipment (such as a headset and microphone).