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Program Description

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) is a professional degree for public and non-profit managers. It is delivered through live classes streamed over various internet technologies (anywhere students have access to high speed Internet connection) by the University of Alaska Southeast (UAS) to students in Alaska and the Yukon. The program prepares students for leadership at all levels of government and in non-profit organizations. Students learn to effectively deal with the economic, political, legal and social issues facing today’s public managers.

The program provides a strong interdisciplinary context in which to pursue the study of policy formation, implementation, and administration The MPA is designed to develop workplace skills and facilitate the intellectual growth and ethical behaviour of public administrators. Upon completion of the program students can obtain a Master of Public Administration from the University of Alaska Southeast. The UAS MPA program comes to you where you work and live in Alaska and Yukon.

The MPA at UAS combines the relationships and structure of the regular classroom with the accessibility of a distance delivered program to create a stable, supportive and high quality education.

Completion of the MPA program provides individuals with the skills necessary for entrance or advancement in professional positions in the public and non-profit sector. Employment opportunities can include areas such as State & Local Government, Non-Profit Organizations, Tribal Government, Military, Economic Development, Public Education, Department of Transportation, Juvenile Justice, Health & Human Services, Law Enforcement, Fish & Game, Environmental Protection Agency, and many more.

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Rural Development
The Rural Development concentration is offered distance through the College of Rural and Community Development at University of Alaska Fairbanks.  This concentration has a special focus on needs of indigenous and other rural communities, including management of tribal-governments, community organizations and indigenous-controlled profit and non-profit corporations.

Natural Resource Policy
The Natural Resource Policy concentration addresses Alaska’s need and strong demand for professional management training in natural resources and environmental management issues.  Alaska’s abundance of natural resources and concomitant management issues are uniquely Alaskan as addressed in the State Constitution and need unique management solutions which the concentration provides.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Master of Public Administration degree requires successful completion of a first degree in any discipline.  The MPA Program allows students to take up to two course before applying to the Program to ensure the degree applies to the student’s future plans.  Admission to the program must be completed prior to registering for the third course in the degree program.  Students are advised to take PADM 601 – Introduction to Public Administration as one of first two classes in the degree.  PADM 601 – Introduction to Public Administration provides a general overview of the core courses offered in the degree as well as an introduction to the technology and electronic library that used throughout the program.

Other Requirements

Tuition fees are set by the University of Alaska Southeast. Course costs in Canadian dollars average CAN$1850 to $2500 per course.  For a schedule of tuition and fees, please refer to the University of Alaska Southeast Academic Catalog - http://www.uas.alaska.edu/catalog/ for the current academic year and reference the Fees & Expenses section.

Click here to view the MPA Graduate Handbook 


Tuition for credit programs is calculated per course credit. See Tuition and Fees.

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