RIC Workshop

The Research, Innovation, and Commercialization Workshop (RIC) is an annual event hosted by Cold Climate Innovation (CCI) and Technology Innovation (TI), of the Yukon Research Centre. 

The goal of this workshop is to stimulate the development of new solutions to northern challenges. The workshop continues to promote how CCI and TI can support Yukoners to develop their ideas and guide them towards commercialization.

RIC 2017- Renewable Energy Summit/ Future of Arctic Entrepreneurship

RIC 2016 - Yukon Biomass Forum

RIC 2015 - Innovation in Cold Climate Greenhouses

RIC 2014 - Building a local IT sector in northern communities with keynote speaker Vasile Nedelciuc

RIC 2013 - Building the local IT sector with keynote speaker Norman Fraser

RIC 2012 - Yukon Research Centre Data Server