Innovation Support

Making Your Ideas Happen

Cold Climate Innovation (CCI) and Technology Innovation (TI) aim to improve the lives of Northerners through research, innovation and commercialization.

Our goal is to stimulate the economy by advancing innovative ideas through to commercialization.

We are here to make your ideas happen and our door is always open. We offer innovation support through funding, business mentoring, prototype development, project management, business planning, marketing and patent advice.


Innovation funding supports applied research, development and enhancement of applications and opportunities of cold climate, and technology innovations. Our funding provides seed money to help individuals and businesses establish partnerships and leverage funding from other sources for the development of innovative cold climate, and other, technology applications.

Pitch Us Your Idea

Innovators are encouraged to book a meeting with our Cold Climate Innovation or Technology Innovation project officers to begin the assessment process (

At the initial meeting, the applicant is asked to bring any supportive documentation that will best illustrate the proposed product ie: sketches, a brief write-up, a prototype, what the innovator needs from the Yukon Research Centre and what the innovator can deliver to the partnership.

Projects will be evaluated against innovation evaluation criteria. All applications will be given due diligence and feedback will be provided to the applicant. If eligible, we will work closely with the proponent to develop a detailed project charter. The project charter will serve as an appendix to a Funding Agreement, if the project is accepted. The Innovation Advisory Council  will be informed of all new projects at regular council meetings and will provide oversight and advice as required.

The entire funding process can be seen on the following process flow chart.

Innovation Advisory Council:
Steve Rose, Council Chair, ADM, Economic Development, Yukon Government
Janet Moodie, Acting President & Vice Chancellor, Yukon College
Melissa Cyr, Yukon Regional Director, CanNor
Clint Sawicki, Acting Vice President, Research, Yukon College
Erik Hougen, Hougen Group of Companies
Stephen Mooney  Director, Cold Climate Innovation
David Morrison, Private Consultant
Stanley Noel, CEO, Yukon Indian Development Corporation
Curtis Prosko, Vice President Canadian Road Builders Inc
Curtis Shaw, Vice President Marketing, Northwestel

Photos (top to bottom):
Our Team (L-R: Ziad Sahid, Stephen Mooney, Jason Rayner, Eoin Sheridan)
Aerial Silt Sampling
Proskida - Force Measuring Ski Poles