Ira Mamis

Ira MamisIra Mamis is enjoying herself at Yukon College.

“I love it here! The classes are small and there is so much support from staff, and one-on-one time with instructors. The diversity is great. I find it inspiring to interact with older students who are committed to their education and improving themselves,” said Ira. “The entrance award helps me become more independent and not have to rely on my parents financially. I am able to be more responsible for my own future.”

Receiving an Entrance Award of one year’s free tuition has meant a lot to Ira. Her mother is also a student—studying to be a Registered Nurse after graduating the Practical Nurse program at Yukon College.

Ira is enrolled in the College’s Liberal Arts program. Alongside her classes, she manages to hold a retail position downtown and three casual jobs at the College—running a Kids Club in Campus Housing, supporting student engagement activities, and assisting with the College’s social media presence.

“I did not expect to find so many student job opportunities at the College. It is amazing to work with so many happy people who enjoy their work.”

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