Suspicious Items

Look for inappropriate or unusual labeling or package characteristics such as:

  • Excessive postage
  • Handwritten or poorly typed addresses
  • Misspellings of common words
  • Strange return address or no return address
  • Incorrect titles or title without a name
  • Not addressed to a specific person
  • Marked with restrictions such as "Personal," "Confidential," or "Do not x-ray"
  • Marked with any threatening language
  • Postmarked from a city or other location that does not match the return address
  • Powdery substance felt through or appearing on the package or envelope
  • Oily stains, discolorations, or odor
  • Lopsided or uneven envelope
  • Excessive packaging material such as masking tape, string, etc.
  • Excessive weight
  • Ticking sound
  • Protruding wires or aluminum foil

Person finding a suspicious parcel:

  • Report to Safety and Security (334-6042, speed dial 222 from your office/classroom phone or via the YC Mobile app) or your instructor/direct supervisor.
  • Under no circumstances will any employee attempt to touch, sniff, taste, move, look closely, or dispose of the suspicious package.
  • Alert others in the area about the suspicious package or envelope. Leave the area, close any doors, and take actions to prevent others from entering the area. 
  • WASH hands with soap and water to prevent spreading potentially infectious material to face or skin. Seek additional instructions for exposed or potentially exposed persons.
  • Await instructions. If told to evacuate, follow specific instructions, as the usual evacuation procedures may not apply.

Safety and Security or manager:

  • Immediately report item to Police.
  • Meet with emergency services personnel to determine the best course of action.
  • Instruct staff according to directions of emergency personnel.
  • If instructed to evacuate, follow evacuation procedures.

All Students & Staff:

  • Stay in your work area/classroom, unless instructed otherwise by Safety and Security or Dean/Director/Manager. Look around your work area for any suspicious packages.
  • If you find something suspicious, do not touch it. Report anything unusual to the Safety and Security (334-6042, speed dial 222 from your office/classroom phone or via the YC Mobile app), your instructor/direct supervisor or emergency personnel.
  • Await instructions.
  • If instructed to evacuate, follow "Emergency Evacuation".